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Once a month, CBODN has a special guest host an Evening Program to discuss and present themes, ideas, tools, or innovative developments in the field of Organization Development. Members and non-members alike are invited to participate in these learning and networking opportunities.

The Evening Programs are generally held in the Arlington, VA or the Silver Spring, MD areas. CBODN strives to make these events accessible to as many people as possible. The Evening Programs are an economical way to enhance and expand your knowledge together with others in the field. Evening Programs are usually held on the second or third Tuesday of each month, but are ultimately scheduled around the availability of the presenter. We encourage attendees to confirm the program date prior to registration. While the programs run from 6:45pm to 8:45pm, we encourage people to join us for networking with colleagues starting at 6:15pm. Finger sandwiches, snacks, and beverages are provided.

Online/Early Registration
Members        $20
Non-Members        $30

At the Door Registration
Members       $30
Non-Members       $45
Evening Programs are discounted for CBODN Members and for those who register early. To take advantage of the reduced prices for members, register using the links below:

Upcoming events

    • 26 Jun 2018
    • 6:15 PM - 8:45 PM
    • American University, Spring Valley Building: 4801 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016
    • 29

    "A Resilient Workforce "

    Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 6:15PM

    Location: American University, Spring Valley Building: 4801 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

    By the close of this program you will:

    1.     Understand what resiliency means and why it is highly relevant in today’s workplace

    2.     Discover how mindfulness and mindfulness-based skills are important aspects of resiliency, and how you can develop the ability to be more mindful. 

    3.     Explore specific ways that self-awareness is a key skill to help mitigate stress and enable resiliency.

    Program Summary: 

    Employees are stressed out.  Multiple surveys show this to be the case, and you probably know it from your own experience.  Resiliency is becoming an important workplace topic as organizations take more responsibility for employee well-being. 

    This session will define resiliency and provide the context for the need to enable workplace resiliency.  We will specifically focus on, define, and describe mindfulness-based skills that support resiliency.  You will learn how people who are mindful are better able to handle challenging circumstances, and how mindful people are more self-aware, which is necessary to adopt more constructive, scientifically-proven approaches to handling stress.  You will learn specific techniques to develop mindfulness and to apply mindfulness in the workplace to be a more effective and resilient leader, and to enable a more mindful and resilient workforce. 

    About Your Presenter:

    Michelle Somerday is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant and the Founder of Neo-Strategic, LLC.  She is a trained scientist who transitioned to the corporate world and understands from her own experience what is required to adapt and lead in the demands of a business environment.  She started her career in academia, reflecting her innate belief in the inherent and diverse capabilities of each individual and a passion for helping people realize their strengths.  She is an experienced speaker and lecturer who has taught at the university graduate level, spoken at international conferences, and facilitates leadership skills trainings. Michelle's former life as a scientist is demonstrated in her preference for evidence-based approaches to leadership, and this is a hallmark of her blog and speaking engagements. She writes, presents, and gives trainings on all things related to leadership and is particularly interested in The Mindful Leader and Women Leaders in STEM Fields. Michelle is a Certified Leadership Coach through Georgetown University and is also recognized as a certified coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Virginia.



    6:15-6:45 PM | Welcome, Networking & Light Appetizers

    6:30-8:45 PM | Evening Program

    **Registration: We strongly encourage everyone to pre-register for planning purposes.*** 


    Registration Fee 

    Before June 26, 2018

    At the Door, On June 26, 2018

    CBODN Members 






    For any questions, please contact Evening Programs Chair, Shara Smith at sharasmithmsod@gmail.com

    *Refunds will not be issued within 48 hours of an event as catering and other event related costs are associated with registration at that time.

Past events

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27 Feb 2018 Evening Program | "The Fifth Side: Conscious Leadership and the Use of Self "
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06 Dec 2016 Evening Program | "The DNA of a Highly Engaged Culture"
15 Nov 2016 Evening Program | "Design School: OD Principles that Enable Groups to Learn or Change"
14 Jun 2016 "Your Consulting Journey: Choices for Careers in the OD/Change Management Field" | Evening Program
19 Apr 2016 "Diversity & Inclusion: Foundation for Forming a One-Workforce Organization" | Evening Program
08 Mar 2016 "How (& Why) To Bring Mindfulness To Your Organization" | Evening Program
16 Feb 2016 "The Change Diagnostic Index: An Introduction and Case Study" | Evening Program
19 Jan 2016 "Fitness for Growth" | Evening Program
15 Dec 2015 REGISTRATION IS FULL "The Intersection of Innovation and Organizational Development" | Evening Program
05 Dec 2015 Special Program - "Creating the Life You Want"
13 Oct 2015 "Mindfulness at Work: Why Western Companies Embrace an Eastern Practice" | Evening Program
08 Sep 2015 "DiSCovery with DiSC: Personal and Professional Opportunities" | Evening Program
28 Jul 2015 "AIC Program: Why Do Two Thirds of All Projects Fail?" | Evening Program Summer Workshop Series
09 Jun 2015 "Integrated Leadership and the Conscious Use of Self" | Evening Program
12 May 2015 "Navigating the Cs of Your Leader-ship" | Evening Program
10 Mar 2015 "Managing Ethical Dilemmas as OD Practitioners" | Evening Program
22 Jan 2015 "Managing Leadership Dilemmas in an Increasingly Uncertain World" | Evening Program
16 Dec 2014 "Coaching in the Middle" | Evening Program - Registration is Full
11 Nov 2014 "Leadership Conversations, Relationships, and Results:Talk Your Way to Success" | Evening Program
09 Sep 2014 Crafting a Socially Balanced Strategy For Your Organization and Your Life | Evening Program
10 Jun 2014 Clean Language/Clean Questions |Evening Program
11 Mar 2014 What Lies Beneath: Listening for Values & Drivers| Evening Program
18 Feb 2014 Employee Development on a Shoestring| Evening Program
10 Dec 2013 Cancelled - You: But Better! Three ways to find your inner superhero at work | Evening Program
12 Nov 2013 “Driving your business” | Evening Program
22 Oct 2013 Unleashing Results - enabling shared understanding and commitment in groups tackling wicked problems | Evening Program
17 Sep 2013 The Four Eternal Keys to Talent Engagement | Evening Program
23 Jul 2013 Rapid Retooling | Evening Program
21 May 2013 Building Courage Through Personal Resilience | Evening Program
14 Mar 2013 The Power of Transformative Narratives | Evening Program
19 Feb 2013 Interactive & Engaging: Making every meeting, conference call and webinar count! | Evening Program
15 Jan 2013 Brighter Strategies Vision Board | Evening Program
15 Nov 2012 OD in Government - Moderated Panel Discussion | Evening Program
24 Oct 2012 The Human Element | Evening Program
18 Sep 2012 Interactive & Engaging: Making every meeting, conference call and webinar count! | Evening Program - (Cancelled due to severe weather)
29 Aug 2012 Kicking Off a New Year with CBODN!
17 Jul 2012 Attracting a Great Mentor: Strategies to Build Your Professional Success – and How Organizations Can Benefit | Evening Program
12 Jun 2012 The Human Element Course, Part One (Cornerstone) with Element B (Behavior)
15 May 2012 Use of Self: Leading Resiliently in an Uncertain World | Evening Program
17 Apr 2012 Building Organizational Capacity for Change: The Competitive Advantage of Resiliency | Evening Program

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